Conflict-Sensitive Programming

Any other services needed?

Training, planning and implementation are not the only services needed for mainstreaming "Do No Harm" among relief and development agencies working in situations of violent conflict. On the contrary, some of our most experienced trainers have mentioned that they had received their most important insights from colleagues working on the same level, i.e. from people struggling with application themselves. The impact of networking and exchange of experience should never be underestimated, and whatever positive experience is made, this needs to be documented and shared. Furthermore, a big network brings in additional competencies to tap into.

Plenty of Capacities:
Technical Assistance with a Conflict-Sensitive Touch

Exchange of Experience

We have established networks of "Do No Harm" trainers in several countries in East Africa in order to enable the cooperation among colleagues with the aim of learning from one another and of developing new ideas. Once we have even succeeded to bring together trainers from several countries to a regional conference and to facilitate an exchange visit between Kenya and India. As a result, texts have been translated into different languages and new material has been developed. Many of our trainers have assisted each other in workshops for their respective organizations, even across borders. We wish to have more opportunities for such exchange of experience.

Networks on country and regional levels are currently working purely on voluntary basis and are faced with serious limitations. If the mandate of your organization allows you to invest in regular network meetings or in the organization of conferences, we invite you to talk to us. Together we could promote the effective integration of "Do No Harm" into the development practice of a particular country.

Research and Documentation

Not every practitioner is a good analyst! To collect data in a suitable format and from the right people and to process this data according to recognized statistical methods require specific skills in social science, mathematics or information technology. This is particularly true for baseline studies and evaluation assignments. Likewise, the documentation of best practices and the presentation of material need writing skills and capacities in text processing or cartography.

Through our global network we have access to these skills, and we utilize them in all our consultancy assignments, from baseline surveys (like for War Child UK in Iraq), through evaluations (like for the Middle East Youth Forum or for Unicef in Somalia) to the documentation of best practices (like for VSF in Kenya). We can also offer trainings in data collection and analysis.

Website Development

You find this website boring? You are right. This website is built up in a way that it allows fast access to information, even in places with unreliable networks, and easy navigation throughout a considerable number of pages. Quick and easy, not beautiful! In the meantime, this structure has been taken up by others, too.

Of course, we can also develop websites in more attractive formats. If your mandate corresponds to our vision of conflict-sensitive programming and you are struggling with establishing your own small internet presence, we may be able to give you valuable advice.

Production of Material

Finally, people also want to have something in their hands sometimes, not only electronic material. When we started with our training activities on "Do No Harm", we were making sure that participants would always get a documentation of proceedings and we were investing plenty of time in this. After a while, however, we found out that our nice A-4 documents were stored in boxfiles never to be looked at again. This was the reason for printing a "Do No Harm" brochure in a more handy format, containing all important information practitioners need to remind them of the content of the approach. We have frequently seen people taking this to the field.

Again, we have in our network specific expertise concerning the production of material. Whether posters, manuals, handbooks, brochures, we can advice you on the best way to disseminate your message.