Conflict-Sensitive Programming

From where have conflict-sensitive approaches been developed?

Following the traumatic experiences that relief and development organizations experienced in Somalia in 1992 and in Rwanda in 1994, several case studies were collected to understand the interaction between aid and conflict. These case studies formed the basis for the development of the "Do No Harm" approach. Later, a similar process of learning from case studies was applied for analysing the effectiveness of peace-building.

Case Studies:
Working in and on Conflict around the Globe

"Do No Harm" Case Studies

The following case studies were developed as part of Phase I of the Local Capacities for Peace Project. They document the experiences of specific international, national, and local agencies working in post-conflict settings, conflict-prone areas, and areas of active warfare. The cases were originally developed to contribute to the learning about "Do No Harm". We would like to acknowledge the generosity of the agencies involved in donating their time and experience for these case studies, and for their willingness to share their experience with the worldwide community of relief and development workers.

Humanitarian Conduct in Burundi

Name of Author: Lena Sallin

Description: LCPP case study: Norms of Humanitarian Conduct - A Dissemination Programme Implemented in Burundi by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Version: 06/1995 (PDF; 262 KB; 24 pages)
download: LCPP Case Burundi

Inter-Religious Harmony in India

Name of Author: Joseph G. Bock

Description: LCPP case study: The Harmony Project of the St. Xavier's Social Service Society - Ahmedabad, Gujarat India

Version: 01/1995 (PDF; 277 KB; 34 pages)
download: LCPP Case India

Education for Peace in Lebanon

Name of Author: Greg Hansen

Description: LCPP case study: SAWA / Education for Peace - Uniting Lebanon's Children and Youth During War

Version: 06/1995 (PDF; 282 KB; 34 pages)
download: LCPP Case Lebanon

Reintegration in Mozambique

Name of Author: Kate Halvorsen

Description: LCPP case study: Reintegration Efforts in a Post-War Context - The Activities of Danish Refugee Council and Norwegian Refugee Council in Mozambique

Version: 09/1995 (PDF; 228 KB; 19 pages)
download: LCPP Case Mozambique

Community Development in Somalia

Name of Author: Willet Weeks

Description: LCPP case study: Save the Children Federation (USA) in Lower Shabelle (Somalia)

Version: 09/1995 (PDF; 337 KB; 35 pages)
download: LCPP Case Somalia

RPPP Case Studies

The following case studies were developed as part of Phase I of the Reflecting on Peace Practice Project. They present interesting findings on the effectiveness of peace-building in the countries at the Horn of Africa. More case studies can be downloaded from the website of CDA.

NGOs and Conflict Prevention in Burundi

Name of Author: Lennart Wohlgemuth

Description: RPPP case study: International contributions to a national peace process

Version: 11/2000 (PDF; 365 KB; 35 pages)
download: RPPP Case Burundi

Voices of Local Peace Initiatives in Kenya

Name of Author: Janice Jenner and Dekha Ibrahim Abdi

Description: RPPP case study: Experiences of local groups in peace work

Version: 10/2000 (PDF; 255 KB; 28 pages)
download: RPPP Case Kenya I

The Coalition for Peace in Africa

Name of Author: Sue Williams

Description: RPPP case study: Networking to address conflict transformation in Africa

Version: 01/2000 (PDF; 253 KB; 21 pages)
download: RPPP Case Kenya II

The People-to-People Peace Process of the New Sudan Council of Churches

Name of Author: Hadley Jenner

Description: RPPP case study: Church initiatives for reconciliation within South Sudan

Version: 10/2000 (PDF; 425 KB; 51 pages)
download: RPPP Case Sudan

An Overview of Initiatives for Peace in Acholi

Name of Author: Mark Bradbury

Description: RPPP case study: Strategies for peace-building in Northern Uganda

Version: 10/1999 (PDF; 342 KB; 38 pages)
download: RPPP Case Uganda