Conflict-Sensitive Programming

How to get practical assistance at project level?

The "Do No Harm" approach appears to be an easy way to understand a context of conflict and to assess the impact of project activities on such a context. Nevertheless, experience has shown that many practitioners face difficulties with its practical application. While participants are usually delighted about the new approach at the end of a workshop or training, they very often report about serious challenges to use the information in their project reality. This page presents some of the material that might be of help in the field.

In the Field:
Material for "Do No Harm" Practitioners

Pocket Guide

The newest publication! This booklet is supposed to help people in the field. So far, the feedback has been extremely positive, and so we have already produced three translations into other languages.

"Do No Harm" Brochure
DoNoHarmBrochure 2nd Edition

This booklet was produced for planners and implementers of relief and development projects in situations of violent conflict. It is meant to help practitioners improve their work for the benefit of the people they have come to serve. Due to its handy A6 format, this 24 pages pocket guide can easily be taken to the field.

In the meantime, a second edition has been printed with four additional pages, providing some extra information.

Unfortunately, the "Do No Harm" brochure can not be downloaded. Copies can be ordered at a protective fee of € 2.-- directly from the author.

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DoNoHarmBrochure French

The brochure is also available in French following the translation by Richard Mbwaki Malonga. Due to printing in lower numbers, costs are slightly higher than for the English original. Copies can be ordered at a protective fee of € 3.-- directly from the author.

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DoNoHarmBrochure Arabic

Thanks to the translation by Naglaa Elhag and Siham Fayad, an Arabic version of the brochure is now also available, responding to specific demands from the Middle East. As with the French version, copies can be ordered at a protective fee of € 3.--.

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DoNoHarmBrochure Somali

The brochure has also been translated into Somali by Cabdisalaam Cali Faarax and a group of "Do No Harm" trainers from Puntland, which has been made possible through the support of Diakonia Sweden and through financial assistance from SIDA. Copies are available free of charge from the office of Diakonia Sweden in Garoowe.

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Guidelines for Application

"Do No Harm" can easily be understood as a sequence of seven consecutive steps, starting from the analysis of the context and the understanding of the details of a project, leading to an assessment of the impact that programming decisions have, and finally to the development of possible options. Following these seven steps is the surest way of practically applying the "Do No Harm" concept in a project.

"The Seven Steps"

Name of Author: Marshall Wallace

Translators: Catholic Relief Services (French) - improved version

Description: brief description about the seven steps of using "Do No Harm"


English Version: 05/2004 (PDF; 57 KB; 3 pages)
download: Seven Steps English


French Version: 06/2005 (PDF; 78 KB; 7 pages)
download: Seven Steps French