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Testimonies from ToT Participants


I have thoroughly enjoyed these two weeks more than words can do it justice. You are all incredibly talented at what you do and complement each other seamlessly. Thank you so much.


This was a wonderful training; for me it’s the first ToT. I maximized / fulfilled the expectations, participation, practical exercises … I am confident that I will be able to train other staff and partners. In addition to this, we have all materials to use.


Thank you for your time, thank you for being supportive, and thank God for the opportunity. Please continue your teaching method and help us to be active and involved in "Do No Harm".

Thank you for the unreserved support offered to us, especially for critiquing our presentations, which opened our eyes.


I particularly liked the methodology: exposure workshop - practicals, skills - delivery exposure workshop. This methodology permits a clear example for group work. The mix of and dynamic change between practicals in groups and plenary with skills, tips etc.; these were also very well presented. Although I have some experience with workshops, information was brought in such a way that I could bring order in these experiences and extend with new ideas / techniques.


It was incredibly thorough and not only gave me a much deeper understanding of DNH, but the ability to disseminate to others and incorporate into my own work and community. Beyond that, I gained valuable facilitation skills that are transferrable beyond DNH workshops. Each trainer brought a different attitude, experience and style that complemented one another. The three work very well together, and it was a great demonstration of how co-facilitation should be. Each trainer was knowledgeable, great at explaining content and answering questions.