Conflict-Sensitive Programming

Who is actually applying conflict-sensitive approaches in the field?

After all, our objective is to improve planning and implementation of humanitarian and development interventions in situations of violent conflict. We are training staff, we are supporting programming processes, and we are advising management of local and international organizations. From then on, it will depend on the skills and on the commitment of individuals within these organizations to what extent practical application takes place. Sometimes there are setbacks due to deep-rooted routines, due to lack of understanding among donor representatives, due to staff turn-over, or even due to lack of personal initiative. Still, we have seen lots of positive results over the past 15 years, culminating in sentences like "Do No Harm has changed my life".

Collaboration on an Important Issue:
Organizations We have Worked with

Working with Partners

This page lists all organizations for which we have conducted workshops, participated in planning or evaluation assignments or trained individual staff members in our Trainings of Trainers. It also mentions the respective countries in which these activities have taken place. Of course we can not publish particular address details on this website, but we will do our best to link you to the individuals who have been part of these various activities. If you are working for one of the organizations mentioned, it might be of particular interest to know who is a "Do-No-Harmer" among your colleagues.

In order to get detailed information, please write to us:

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International Organizations

More than 50 international organizations have either invited us to run workshops or trainings sessions for staff and partners or sent one of their staff to our regular Trainings of Trainers. In alphabetical order:

Local Organizations in Africa

Many local organizations, especially in East Africa, have managed to get access to the global "Do No Harm" network through their international partners. It is worth noting, however, that the contributions of local organizations have particularly helped us to be able to respond to many unique situations on the ground. Grouped according to countries:



Congo (RDC)






South Sudan





Local Organizations in Asia and the Middle East

Our activities have not been restricted to Africa only, and so we are happy to have learnt from colleagues in Asia and the Middle East, too. Some local organizations have sent staff to our Trainings of Trainers, while others have applied "Do No Harm" on the ground. Grouped according to countries: