Conflict-Sensitive Programming

Who is involved?

Promoting conflict sensitivity is a global effort, and many people in all continents are involved in disseminating "Do No Harm", gaining practical experience, testing out options and documenting failure and success. The more this experience is made available to others, the better the global learning and the more effective the practical application. Our own network is trying to bring together local actors and at the same time link them to the global network.

Exchange of Experience:
Networking Activities around Conflict Sensitivity

Global Consultations

When the "Do No Harm" concept was developed and mainstreamed, participating organizations sent their focal persons to the regular consultations of CDA's "Local Capacities for Peace Project", which were held twice a year in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Some of us, who had already been involved at that time, are well remembering these gatherings, which had not only contributed to the understanding of conflict sensitivity but had also created linkages to like-minded persons all around the globe.

In a similar way, British NGOs have regularly exchanged experience as part of the "Conflict Sensitivity Consortium" in recent years, leading to several interesting publications.

For more information on these two mechansisms of global networking, use the links provided on the "Global Network" pages.
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Regional Networks

The initiative of the German "Church Development Service" (EED) had also led to the establishment of regional networks, one in East Africa and one in South Asia. While the "Local Capacities for Peace Project in the Horn of Africa" brought together trainers and practitioners from Kenya, Ethiopia and (South) Sudan, "Peace in South Asia" united colleagues in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Based on the generous funding from the German government, there had even been an exchange between the two regions.

Unfortunately, such regional networks can rarely be upheld without institutional funding from outside, and so the regional interaction seems to be restricted to internet communication at this time.

Country Networks

Even at country levels, it has proved to be difficult to link the graduates of various Trainings of Trainers. Occasional meetings are taking place, however, and several interesting ideas about more effective cooperation have been discussed recently. Not much can be achieved in a solitary struggle, and so we are putting much hope in functioning country networks. Wherever possible, these country networks are expected to add their respective news on their own country pages to be linked to the "Regional Application" pages of this website.

At the moment, the following countries have some sort of collaborative structure, which is coordinated by the respective persons mentioned: