Conflict-Sensitive Programming

How to share personal experience with "Do No Harm"?

During a workshop, up to 25 participants learn together about a new topic and collaborate in working groups. In a Training of Trainers, up to 15 trainees spend more than ten days of intensive studies and practice together. If the atmosphere of these events is right, people experience them as very encouraging and feel motivated to apply "Do No Harm" in practice. Back in the field, however, they have to act on their own. In order to improve their skills and get confidence in themselves, the exchange within the global network becomes a mandatory aspect of each trainer's work.

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Enter the "Do No Harm" Discussion Forum

Interaction among Trainers

The "Do No Harm" trainers of our own network come from more than twenty countries in four continents, and there are more who have undergone a Training of Trainers offered by other institutions. We want to promote the exchange among all these trainers around the world and have established a discussion forum, in which everybody is free to share experience, report about challenges, ask questions, recommend new initiatives, and so on. This discussion forum is located on LinkedIn and is defined as a closed forum for people who have undergone a formal "Do No Harm" Training of Trainers or who have gained plenty of practical experience with the approach.

Why is the discussion forum restricted to trainers? Well, some issues we are facing are really sensitive, and so we do not want these discussions to be public. This can refer to the conflict dynamics discussed, which might be seen differently by some people living in the respective area or belonging to one of the groups. It can also be related to the hierarchy in organizations, when trainers face resistance from superiors or even negative issues within organizational procedures. We want trainers to discuss about potential options without fearing that their contributions are used against them.

How to join the Discussion Forum?

Step 1: Registering on LinkedIn

You need to be registered on the professional social media platform "LinkedIn" ( in order to join the forum. If you are not yet a member, please register and then request Rolf Grafe, who is currently administering the discussion group, to get connected to you.

Step 2: Admittance to the Forum

If you are known to us as a ToT graduate, you will then immediately get an invitation to join the "Do No Harm" group. With a click on "Accept" you become a member. In case you have been trained by others and want to join the forum, you have to apply: First, use the search function to find the group "Do No Harm"; then, press "Request to Join". You may then be asked for your credentials before being accepted.

Step 3: Participating in the Forum

Once you have been accepted as a group member, you can add your comments to existing discussions or even start new topics. Please do always make sure that your contributions are really related to the specific discussion topic. In case you start a new topic, please select a heading that everybody can easily refer to.