Conflict-Sensitive Programming

Conflict Sensitivity in Relief and Development

Many areas of the world are faced by violent conflicts, and when international agencies operate in such contexts, they need to be well aware of the tensions in the area they are working in. From our perspective, relief and development activities should not only address their specific programme objectives but at the same time contribute to peaceful co-existence among ethnic, religious, social or political groups in the respective context. This website wants to offer all kinds of information about the "Do No Harm" concept, covering the history of the approach, the experience with practical application, the services we can offer and the material we have developed.

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"Do No Harm" Brochure in Arabic

Finally, the 24-pages "Do No Harm" brochure is now also available in Arabic.
DoNoHarmBrochure Arabic
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What's New?

Here are the headlines of some of the activities that have taken place during the last 12 - 18 months. More detailed information can be found on the "News" page.
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---August 2017---

The "Do No Harm" Framework in Spanish
A Spanish version of the framework has now been uploaded, increasing the number of translations to 10.

---August 2017---

Arabic Manual for QRCS
Work has started for the production of a "Do No Harm" manual in Arabic on request of the Qatar Red Crescent Society.

---June 2017---

Exposure Workshops in Gambela
Two workshops have been conducted in the Ethiopian State of Gambela, close to the border with South Sudan.

---May 2017---

Demonstration Workshops in Uganda
Three workshops have been facilitated by a new group of trainers in Kampala - for ADRA, Horizont 3000 and Oxfam.

---May 2017---

Training of Trainers in Uganda
Mukono has again been the location for a Training of Trainers on "Do No Harm", bringing together 13 candidates from 8 countries.

---March 2017---

Conflict sensitivity and wildlife protection in Kenya
Work on a feasibility study for biosphere conservation at Lake Nakuru has started with a strong focus on conflict sensitivity.

---February 2017---

South Sudanese trained in Uganda
Due to the unrest in South Sudan, SweFor, Läkarmissionen and ONAD have moved a "Do No Harm" training for their partners to Kampala.

---January 2017---

The "Do No Harm" Framework in Amharic
Thanks to our colleagues in Ethiopia, the framework has now also been translated into Amharic.

---November 2016---

Conflict Assessment in Lebanon
HEKS has commissioned an assessment about the conflict sensitivity of its operations in the Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut.

---September 2016---

Training in Programme Management for the German Civil Peace Service
As part of a one-year training for future peace practitioners, "Programme Management" has been on the agenda of a weekend course in Königswinter.

---August 2016---

Programmes for Refugees and Host Population in Eastern Sudan
GIZ is planning to offer services in the states of Kassala and Gedaref, which should be based on the principles of conflict sensitivity.

---August 2016---

Humanitarian Assistance for Syrians
Save the Children has started a training programme on "Conflict Sensitivity and Diversity" for their staff involved in humanitarian assistance within Syria and for refugees in the Turkish province of Hatay.

---July 2016---

Renewed Violence in South Sudan
Politically motivated ethnic clashes continue to destabilize independent South Sudan, forcing international organizations to evacuate their staff. Planned training activities have to be postponed, accordingly.

---June 2016---

Website Overhaul
Reconstruction is over, and so this website now contains more information than ever before, particularly on the regional application of "Do No Harm".

---June 2016---

Mainstreaming within NMS
The Norwegian Mission Society has started its mainstreaming process with "Do No Harm" trainings in Ethiopia and in Cameroon.

---May 2016---

Activities of the New Trainers
Several workshops have been conducted by our new colleagues in Congo, Rwanda and Ethiopia. More are planned in Sudan and in Kenya.

---February 2016---

Conflict Sensitivity in Bahr el-Ghazal
GIZ had invited us to train staff and partners in Wau, where agricultural and pastoralist groups compete over resources.

---(still news)---

Translation of the "Do No Harm" brochure into Somali and French
The 24-pages "Do No Harm" brochure is now also available in French and in Somali. More versions are in planning.